Bringing Fun to Your Universe

Tesseractive creates quality interactive events. Our stories cross genres and worlds. Our players (PC) and staff (NPC) together create a story in real-time. It's been compared to improvisational theatre and interactive story-telling.

Every person has a place and you meet some of the best friends you never knew! The system levels the playing field by focusing on role-playing and the story. When we say something for everybody, we mean it. The real common thread between players is imagination, healthy sense of play, and a desire for collective experience. You will find a sense of belonging and build a community.

  • Want to storm the castle, defeat the villain, and save the day?
  • Want to kill zombies and reinvent civilization?
  • Want to break into a rival corporation and steal data, the perfect shadow?
  • Want to fight the Elder Gods and use your wit to survive?
  • Want to find water and sustenance in an unforgiven desert wasteland?
  • Want to defend a convoy of supplies that are the means of life itself?
  • Want to fall in love during the apocalypse?

You tell a dynamic, engaging, and exciting story. We also want to collaborate and incorporate your talents and imagination. Our staff looks forward to riding this rollercoaster with you. Click on the “Contact Us” tab to find the appropriate staff member to help you out. You can also visit our Facebook page for recent announcements and event information.

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