PLEASE NOTE: Cell signals are poor and may stop working - please be sure to print out a map/direction so you don't get lost without a signal.
Street Address:

411 Foster Creek Road Marshall NC 28753

  • Port-a-john
  • Camping Space

What to Bring?

PCing: If you are PCing (playing a character you create and control) for your first event - and we hope you do! - you will need to bring your own costume pieces. Stuck for ideas? Drop us a line, we're happy to help out! You can also check out our Pinterest pages on Costuming and Props to learn from the expertise of others.

NPCing: If you are joining our Crew (playing the monsters, folk and other assigned roles) for your first event, you will want to bring comfortable black clothing you can use as a base layer. Sweat pants, yoga pants, tank tops, tee shirts, hiking boots or black sneakers, as well as several pairs of socks are all recommended. You will want a warmer layer to add on when it gets chill. We do not suggest shorts. Keep in mind that you'll be adding costuming over your base layer, so you don't want anything super-bulky.

Suggested Packing List for a Weekend Camping Event:

  • Wallet: Cash, Legal ID
  • Bedding: Check accommodations: Tent, Cot, Pad, Sleeping bag, Pillow
  • Toiletries: Check accommodations:Deodorant, etc
  • Food: Water & Basic Snacks
  • Aid: Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Band Aids, Ace Bandage
  • Clothing: Socks, Underwear, Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts, etc.
  • Costumes: Make sure you can change into something clean!
  • Costume Accessories: Weapons, Props, Character gear Shoes/Boots. Remember - no white sneakers!
  • Player’s Guide, Rulebooks, Reference Material, writing materials, paper
  • Extra materials to fix things in case it breaks
  • Light source (no flames) for getting around after sunset
  • Decorations if you wish for your campsite or cabin