Harassment of others, is illegal and strictly prohibited in our game. Players whose behavior can be construed as harassment will be asked to stop immediately. If the behavior continues, that player will be banned permanently. We are trying to create a fun and safe game atmosphere. Any player that feels they are being harassed should bring the matter immediately to the attention of the Owner and/or General Manager. Any questions about the definition of harassment should be directed to the Owners and/or General Manager.

Out of Game (OOG) In Game (IG)

White Headbands

All players are considered In Game for the entirety of the time they are on-site during game hours, unless they are wearing an easily visible white headband.


All items stored under your bed or in a container or clearly marked OOG are considered personal possessions and are not available to steal in game. In Game items may NOT be stored in an OOG container or vehicle – doing so is considered cheating.


The bathroom is OOG, act accordingly. Players may not be attacked or threatened while in the bathroom.


The kitchen of the tavern is a special “No Combat” IG zone. Players that are in the kitchen when combat breaks out have the option of joining the combat immediately, or waiting until it is over. Items in the kitchen may not be stolen by players as it is a special quasi-out-of-game area.


Backstage is a restricted OOG area. PC players must announce themselves when approaching Backstage, using the words “PC on deck” or something similar. PCs may not enter Backstage until they are invited. This is to avoid revealing information that would force the player to sit out that portion of the weekend’s event.

Pregnant Players

Players that are pregnant may not play. We cherish our players and have no desire to see a parent or unborn infant injured due to accidents during an event.